Our power is in our numbers

When we come together and fight, we win a better future for us all!

Did you know that 17 million residents in Californians are renters?? If just 10% of renters join the housing justice movement to demand for stronger tenant projections; that’s 1.7 million people! Over the past several years, ACCE, along with several community organizations in California, have passed the strongest tenant protections the state has seen in decades. 

Through continuous online and offline organizing, we’re able to create change by having thousands of renters share their stories with the press, come to organizing meetings, making phone calls to legislators, protest, lobby visits with legislators, and continue to build more tenants to take a stance and get involved online and offline. 

Join us for our next Monthly ‘Renters Rising’ hosted every 1st Saturday of the month to learn not only your rights, but also the importance of organizing to create change! 

Next Steps to get Involved with Digital Organizing Today! 

  • Step 1:  Attend our next ‘Defend Your Home Workshop’ if you haven’t already
  • Step 2:  Join ACCE as an Associate Member, and attend our Next organizing Meeting held Wednesdays at 6:30pm 
  • Step 3: Attend training and learn how to organize your community! 
    • Texting- Help send messages to supporters to inspire them to take action! 
    • Phone Banking- Help make phone calls to supporters to get them involved!
    • Social Media Actions to help get more tenants informed and taking action online!

Help Spread the word about the ‘Housing Justice League’!

There are hundreds, even thousands of tenants across the state that need help but are not sure where to go or how to get involved! You can help! Just print out these flyers and distribute them in your neighborhood! Laundry rooms, light poles, your local stores, (etc)

If you can’t print them yourself, email our online to offline organizer ([email protected]) and we can mail some to you! 

How many flyers can you distribute in your neighborhood? Here are some best tips when passing out Flyers in your neighborhood and links below to access flyers. 

Are you interested in organizing your own community housing group?

The best way to make change for everyone including your community, is to join ‘The Housing Justice League’ and fight together for stronger tenant protections statewide! Through digital organizing we have found creative ways to connect with tenants across the state and take action to demand better renter protections for all.

Join us for our next Defend Your Home Workshop, this Thursday at 7pm, to learn more about the housing crisis and organizing. 

Before attending the call, read through our Organizing Toolkit! It will give you some guidance on how to begin that journey in your community and about how to do a direct action to create change in your community!