Our power is in our numbers

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When we fight, we win.

Over the past several years, ACCE, together with other groups in the housing justice movement here in California, have passed some of the strongest tenant protections this state has seen in decades. We were able to do this because of the thousands of renters who shared their stories, came to meetings, protested, traveled to Sacramento to lobby our state legislators, etc…

There are 17 million of us in California who rent! If just 10% join our movement for tenants rights, that’s 1.7 million people. We can be a force to be reckoned with when we come together and raise our voices together. And that’s what it’s going to take to stand up to the powerful corporate real estate and landlord lobby that opposes almost every tenant protection we need.

Get Involved

  • First, attend the next Know Your Rights Meeting, if you haven’t yet
  • Second, attend an Intro to the Housing Justice League meeting
  • Third, attend a training on How to Organize and Build an Eviction Defense League in your neighborhood!


Print these yourself if you can. Or we can mail some to you! Let us know how many you think you can distribute over the next month.

Leaflet to pass out in your community.

Know Your Rights Cards (business size) to give to friends, family, etc

Organizing Toolkit

This toolkit has a lot of information in it to help if you are ready to organize with others in your building or neighborhood to stop evictions. We will be holding online trainings to go over many aspects of this organizing work, from Outreach and Research to How to Stand Up to Your Landlord.

Sign up here for the next How to Organize - Building an Eviction Defense League in Your Community

Housing is a human right, and none of us should be at the mercy of greedy, unfair landlords. EVERYONE has the right to decent and affordable housing. However, the current housing system in this country is skewed towards the interests of corporate landlords and their shareholders. To both save our own housing and to expand the right to housing more generally, we have to organize together and demand it. Little by little, we are winning!